Wedding in Wintertime | Anna & Peter

Wedding of Anna & peter

Wedding day



We associate this beautiful month with the arrival of winter, Santa Claus and Christmas. It is also time for us to say goodbye to the old year and sum up the passing events. Time to end all matters and enter with a “clean account” into the new year. Maybe this is a good time to not only end things but start something new. Take an oath of mutual, faithful and undying love. Start a family and enter the coming year together. Start a joint-life!

December is a good time for a wedding. Christmas will be completely different, and the family word will take on a whole new meaning. I believe that weddings are holy and I deeply appreciate the bond in which two people commit to unconditionally nurturing each other. The story of each pair is different but has one thing in common. The wedding is the beginning of a certain stage, and it is an honor for me to be a witness to this.

I invite you to the winter story of Anna and Peter.

– Marius Majewski

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