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For sure you’re looking for the most important element for your wedding – Professional wedding photographer and the best wedding pictures! All that means that you are preparing for the most important day of your life – WEDDING! So, first of all, I congratulate Your decision to marry Your beloved one. 

I know how hard it is to choose the right photographer. Because you need to find, get to know and trust him, that he will do all the best. To not only capture beautiful and magic moments but also create a full story of your wedding. Thus the quality of craftsmanship and the artist’s personality matters! In the end, memories will slowly fade away. That’s why the stunning images will create a legacy for You and Your family!

And you know what? Maybe, you found the right guy! Most importantly check my wedding images, photo albums or true stories with real wedding couples. If you want to know more about me and how I work – hit the button More About“.

Feel free to go around the website and find what you are looking for! Not only beautiful pictures but also a great wedding photographer and a good person.

— Mariusz Majewski

Who Am I?

I am a wedding and portrait photographer, teacher, loving husband and wonderful father. I am a guy who enjoys life and loves the beauty of this world.

Wedding Day

Certainly you won’t repeat such a day, so it’s great that amazing photographs will capture it forever. Keep all your memories in your heart and on wonderful shots that will let you go back in time as soon as you look at them.


Get ready for an amazing journey – full of love, happiness, and exceptional emotions! Treat it like an adventure of a lifetime, where we’ll create beautiful photographs. Memories while viewing those shoots? Priceless.

Albums, Slideshows, Prints

Check the final results of my work. Full wedding coverage and more. For example gorgeous albums, stunning wall-art & magic slideshow. After many years, you will be able to experience these moments again.

wedding photographer

America, Asia, Australia, Europe

I'm worldwide available to capture Your Dream Wedding!

My Mission

Let's Fly Together! 🚀

I intend to create beautiful, timeless photographs for you and your family. As a result, you will receive something incredible! Believe me – you will be moved by emotions. That’s my challenge!

The gorgeous album, stunning wall-art & magic slideshow will be reminding you that special day. I know how important wedding photography is!

Pre-Wedding & Engagement ​

Journey Of Love

The most beautiful thing about the world is how much is unknown to us. Photoshoot could be an opportunity to explore amazing places and be the best adventure in your life!

It is also an ideal way to get to know each other a little bit closer, show your interests and shared passion. It can be subtle, romantic or crazy and surprising.

Let’s spend awesome photoshoot day anywhere on earth! Together we will discover the world’s most lovely places. The magnificent shots will be captivating and will make you smile even after many years. Finally, show the prints on a wedding day and your guests will hold their breath!

Wedding Day

Happiness is here!

You have been preparing for this day for such a long time. This will be one of the most important moments in your life. The wedding day is a story of joy, love, and happiness. Keep all the memories in your heart and on the amazing pictures, because they let you go back in time whenever you look at them.

The wedding photography eternizes the passing and unique moments. It tells about your emotions and feeling, as it’s a natural and true picture of memories. A good wedding reportage shows all the small tones which decide on a final impression. 

Anyone can take a good picture here and there. But what distinguishes a real professional is his ability to take amazing photos consistentlyCapturing every part of the wedding day. Accordingly, we can divide it into four main pieces such as Bride & Groom Coverage, Ceremony, on Location Photoshoot and a Wedding Reception.


Wedding preparation is a good time to start a day. There is a lot of stress before such an important event, that’s why I’m here to help you start it as well as possible. As a result, I am not only a photographer but also support. I guide you on how to look good in the pictures and get the best out of you. As a wedding photographer, I start my work when you already have a perfect hairstyle and makeup. First, I take part in putting on your beautiful wedding dress, veil, and jewelry.

You are looking gorgeous! So it’s time to capture details and take some brilliant individual portraits. At the end of your coverage, we take shot with your parents and siblings, to show your relations. I know how important family is.


It’s men’s time! Of course, I take shots of details like cufflinks, tie, bow, etc, but also I create amazing portraits. (Someone says the best!) There is always a lot of fun and laughter here because, from my experience, guys have certainly less stress on this special day. Family portraits, with the best man and groomsmen.
Finally, an exceptional look at the Groom who sees his future wife for the first time!


The wedding ceremony is the most important and the hardest part of the wedding reportage. You can’t repeat it, rewound or correct. The wedding photographer has to be almost invisible and he has to catch the key scenes. Thus the bride and dad walking down the aisle. Formalities including exchanging vows, ring exchange, kiss, or signing a register. Taking shots of the guests’ reactions and the decorated place of ceremony. Of much importance is also capturing the ideal moments of you Two leaving the place. Next, Bride and groom in the doorway of an entrance, confetti shots and of course Big group shot of all guests.


A wedding location shoot is like a proverbial “icing on a cake”. It is an ideal way to show Your LOVE. We can capture it in a lively urban space in the city center, an enchanting park, or a mysterious tenement.

So far you already have stunning portraits with your family. So now it’s time for you two. A mix of contemporary, classic and “candid shots” (the moment wherein you are not aware of being clicked). A photoshoot on location is the best way to capture beautiful emotions and moments. For sure, you will get a few images for your wall art. This is ‘must-have’!


The wedding reception very often lasts all night. I search for emotions, sudden twists, creative captures, and surprising reactions. In this case photojournalistic way of photography. Detail shots of the reception, Bride, and groom entering the venue, first dance. After that, cutting cake, toasts, speeches, and many other event attractions.
I will also take you for creative shots at the reception, or a night shot. Finally something “wow” to conclude your wedding photo album.

What an amazing day!

Why Me?

I do the magic! 🎩​

Really. After hundreds of weddings, thousands of different shooting conditions and millions of photos – I know what to do! I will not only fit into your wedding scenario but my enjoyable approach will make your day as memorable as the images you will receive!

And YES! – Lightsabers, colors, fire & smokes – It’s all in my backpack, ready to use. Creativity matters!

He takes care of the final result to be outstanding! That every photograph can tell a story and is full of emotion.

— Dorothy & Mark

Is it expensive?

It’s all depends on your wedding budget. Somebody says “When something becomes invaluable tomorrow, it should be expensive today“. I would rather say “You will get what you’re looking for”. So if you expect the highest quality photography services you should contact absolutely. We have various packages. So if you want to know exactly which suits you the best, send a few info about your wedding day!

What About Extra Costs Such As Flight, Accommodation, Etc? 🛫🏨​

You don’t need to worry about that because you will get the final pricing. Most importantly, you won’t pay more than on your local wedding photography marketplace! Isn’t that great?

Let your dream day come true

I do not only want to meet your expectations but also exceed them!

If you have questions, and certainly there are a lot of them. I would love to arrange a meeting via Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger. Let’s discuss the details of your wedding day or pre-wedding journey.

It would be great to meet each other. After all, the relationship with the photographer is the most important of all wedding vendors.


I care

It’s crucial. Look what other wedding couples say about my work! I always try to be close to people, that’s why their opinion is very important to me!

"Wooow! The best photographer we could have dreamed of!"
Isabel & Matthew
"A very professional approach, Mariusz made us feel comfortable and calm on the wedding day. Photos and presentation will be a great souvenir!"
Roxana & Bart
"We knew that it would be amazing, but what you did ... exceeded our wildest expectations!"
Kate & Sebastian

Social Media​

Let's get closer!​

You can find me in different places on the web. If you wanna be up to date, follow my social media channels. —Yeah

Any Awards?​

Of course!

As a photographer, I am constantly working on self-development and increasing my artistry. Especially competitions are one of the elements that motivate me to continue creative work. In the end, this feeling when you see your photo among the best photographs in the world is striking.

Consistency, reliability, effort, skills, experience and good gear. It's called PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY

— Mariusz Majewski

Anyone Can Pick Up A Camera​​

But You’re Not Looking For Just Anyone​

The photographer is the one who takes the shoot. Cameras, lights, computers, drives… You don’t need to know all this stuff. You must be aware that I will record your beautiful memories by high-end professional equipment and keep the images safe. However if you want to know my professional equipment, hit the button.

I believe that your story is worth to be told in the very best way!

— Mariusz Majewski

Wedding Photographer – Mariusz Majewski