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About Me

A man who will spend with you an amazing day or two (maybe three)

Who is he?

Hi, my name is Mariusz Majewski, but you can call me Mario. Who am I? I’m a portrait and wedding photographer, a teacher, a loving husband, and a wonderful father. The guy who enjoys life and appreciates the beauty of this world. I love to draw, paint, create and be creative. I have a child’s curiosity, that’s why I love to discover the world every day. I do it with passion and excitement, and my vitality gives me the power to act! I also have a lot of positive energy and happiness, so I am blessed to share it with others. I am here to help and serve people, inspire them every day and get the best out of them!

Furthermore, I am also very happy that you are here and I can’t wait to get to know each other better. After all, a relationship with a photographer is the most important of all wedding vendors.

It won’t be a story about me. It will be a story about you, your family and friends. A story about emotions, feelings, love, and happiness. Moments that you and your generations to come will be able to experience together.

My goal is to create beautiful and timeless photographs. You will have an incredible experience and get the best photographs you’ve ever seen of yourself.appreciates

What’s My Photography style?


Traditional photography in a contemporary edition.  It means, that I will do whatever takes to make you look good on the picture. I follow the light, and if a light is not good enough I create one. I mix posed and photo journal photography with an artistic touch.

Super Mario Biography

Mariusz Majewski is an award-winning photographer with over 10 years of experience in the field of wedding and portrait photography. He created a unique style in which he cares about every detail. It combines posed photography with classic reportage and adds an artistic touch to it. He has developed a reliable action plan that allows him to tell amazing stories as well as create beautiful and timeless photos.

Associated with the WPPI. Winner of first places and many additional awards. Author of a photo published in the calendar of the prestigious Nikon Photo Contest.

Speaker and instructor of photography workshops.

He says that thanks to photography he became a husband to a beautiful wife and father to two wonderful sons. They live and work together in Poland, Wroclaw – the city of meetings, and hundreds of bridges. They both love this city – it is their home, but to find the photographic challenges they travel all over the world and realize the photographic dreams of their customers.

The Beginning

Born in 1985, Mariusz has always wanted to create – write a novel, tell stories, express himself in some way. He started his true fascination with the world of an image with graphics, drawing, and painting – these areas were to become his profession, but photography turned out to be his path to happiness and professional fulfillment. The willingness to develop, workshops, and lessons from the biggest names in this industry allowed him to create his own, unique way of seeing the world.


In 2009 he started his wedding activity under his name creating an offer destined for the most demanding customers. The current years brings other challenges – creating a complex system of education, workshops, and training for the young adepts of photography.

My Family

Foundation of happiness

My wife, My Queen, My love


Our meeting 10 years ago completely changed my life and career path. Thanks to Agnieszka, I am better as a person and photographer.

I could write thousands of books about how good and wonderful a person she is. Describe millions of situations where she thinks first of all about others. Write a billion times how grateful I am that I met her, love her and be loved by her. Thank you, babe! I love you! ❤️

Each of us deserves happiness, although we can interpret it differently. No matter how you define happiness – you want to be seen, loved, listened and respected. And when you start setting different priorities in photography, life and career, after a while you will see what is important: Love, relationship strength, family and career fulfillment.

I wish with all my heart that you would find these values and become happy with your life!

My kids, my joy

Miko & Iti

Nicolas (6 yo) and Ignacio (4yo). 

Well… They have power – lots of power. They won’t sit five minutes and we try to keep up with them. That is why we began to travel, discover new places, and above all, spend time together. We want them to get to know the world.

We have created a blog for families where we can share our adventures and show ideas on how to actively spend time with kids!

AHOJ przygodo! – HELLO adventure!

We all love good memories, so why not print them? 


My Aga won the competition for the best photobook of the year. So it happened that for some time you can see us in television ads, internet campaigns, and banners around the country. Awesome!

How I Work​

good photography requires time

1. Contact


Use the contact form and write a few words about yourself, your wedding and your expectations. You have a lot of questions, so I’d like to make an appointment to discuss the details of your wedding. The easiest way is video-chat via Messenger, Skype or Whatsapp. It would be great to see you and meet each other. After all, the relationship with the photographer is the most important of all wedding vendors.

After all, we just don’t want to meet your expectations, but also exceed them! I look forward to our conversation and meeting you in person.

You can also contact me via Facebook or Instagram | @majewski.pro

2. pre-wedding, Engagement

journey of love

It’s all up to you if you want pre-wedding photoshoot, but is there a better way to show love than a romantic journey? Landscapes and natural beauty. Sightseeing, local cuisine, and romantic experiences. A journey that stays with you forever – in the heart and great photographs.

What does this session look like? You book the desired trip for any number of days. This is your vacation! Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Thailand, Norway, Island, France, Italy, Croatia, – You name it! We meet on-site to perform an amazing photo session. We start early in the morning, spend a great day taking photos, talking and having fun. We finish in the evening with a great mood and a glass of wine. 

Show it on a wedding day and your guests will hold their breath! “Save the date” postcard, a wedding day slideshow or printed images! Everyone will be amazed!

3. Wedding day


Anyone can take a good picture here and there. But what distinguishes a real professional is his ability to take amazing photos consistently. Capturing every part of the wedding day.
My goal is to tell your story, and every element matters here. I start the photos with preparations, about 4 hours before the ceremony. Why? Because good photography takes time. It’s about creating your portraits, your loved ones and showing detailed shots.

Groom’s Coverage

It’s men’s time! Of course, I take shots of details like cufflinks, tie, bow, etc, but also I create amazing portraits. (Someone says the best!) There is always a lot of fun and laughter here because, from my experience, guys have certainly less stress on this special day. Family portraits, with the best man and groomsmen.

Bride’s Coverage

Wedding preparation is a time when we get to know each other to work in a kind and casual atmosphere in the result. As a wedding photographer, I start my work when you already have a perfect hairstyle and makeup. I take part in putting on your beautiful wedding dress, veil, and jewelry.

You are looking gorgeous! It’s time to capture details and take some brilliant individual portraits. At the end of your coverage, we take shot with your parents and siblings, to show your relations. I know how important family is.

First Look

Finally, the groom can see you for the first time in a wedding dress. It is up to you whether you meet before the ceremony or at the altar. This moment is indescribable, you have to photograph it!


This is the time, where dad or groom are escorting the bride from the car. Bridesmaids adjusting dresses in front of the church. The bride goes to church and the groom with groomsmen are waiting in front of the altar. The ceremony is photojournalistic, so remember to be together, not next to each other.

Exchanging vows, putting on wedding rings or signing the marriage certificate. We can’t forget about taking photos of the guests’ reactions and the decorated place of ceremony. Of much importance is also capturing the ideal moments of you Two leaving the place. And when the first emotions are gone, there is a perfect opportunity for taking a big group shot of all guests.

Family Shots

Traditional wedding portraits with your family. All the formal poses, clean and classic compositions that your family will like because it reminds them of their wedding. Each set of parents, grandparents. Shots with brothers, sisters and their families. Photography has changed in all dimensions, but this style is never outdated. It still has its place in wedding photography.​

Bridal Party Shots

Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids (including the Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor). Groomsmen (including the Best Man) Can also include Ringbearer(s) Flowergirl(s). It all depends on how you want to define your bridal party and how many important people you want to involve.​

On Location

A wedding location shoot is like “icing on a cake”. It is an ideal way to show Your LOVE. Made in a lovely park, mysterious tenement or a lively urban space in the city center. A mix of contemporary, classic and “candid shots” (the moment wherein you are not aware of being clicked). Photoshoot on location is the best way to capture those beautiful emotions and moments between you two. For sure, you will get a few images for your wall-art. This is ‘must-have’!​


The wedding reception very often lasts all night. I search for emotions, sudden twists, unusual frames, and surprising reactions. Photojournalistic way of photography. Detail shots of the reception, Bride and groom entering, first dance. Cutting cake, toasts, speeches, and many other event attractions.

I will also take you for creative shots at the reception, or a night shot. Something “wow” to conclude your wedding photo album.

After Wedding Photoshoot​

If your wedding schedule is very busy and you don’t have much time to spend on-location shots, we can get the shoot done by the next day of your wedding.

It could also be an amazing journey, exactly as pre-wedding. Spend one day of your honeymoon, creating stylish, fashionable, and glamorous photographs. Your friends will envy you for this.

4. final product

wow effect

Wedding Photo Album, Slideshow and Wall-art. Each product is designed to offer an amazing experience. Hit the button and see what your wedding photos may look like.


no pain, no gain

ladies and gentlemen, what a night!

and Award goes to...

As a photographer, I am constantly working on self-development and increasing my artistry. Competitions are one of the elements that motivate me to continue creative work. This feeling when you see your photo among the best photographs in the wold is priceless. Especially when it is WPPI – The most prestigious competition for wedding and portrait photographers from around the world. Every year, the grand finale takes place in Las Vegas, USA. What a night!

Awards are important. They add wings and motivate for further, more persistent work. But for me, the most important feeling is to see the emotion and joy of my wedding couples when they see their photos for the first time.

Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.
― Napoleon Hill

  • 🏆 2020 WPE Awards 1st: Wedding Details
  • 🏆 2020 WPE Awards 3rd: Groom Alone: Wedding Day
  • 🏆 2019 WPPI 2nd: Groom Alone: Wedding Day
  • 🏆 2019 Polska Press | Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2018
  • 🏆 2019 Nikon Photo Contest | publication in the official 2019 calendar
  • 🏆 2018 WPPI 1st : Groom Alone: Wedding Day
  • 🏆 2018 WPPI 3rd : Bride Alone: Wedding Day
  • 🏆 2018 WPPI 3rd : Bridal Couple Together: Non-Wedding Day
  • 🏆 2016-2018 Magic Lens Group – The Most Involved & Talented 100 Photographers of the Year
WPPI badges - Mariusz Majewski
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Equipment ​

no pain, no gain

Anyone Can Pick Up A Camera​

but you’re not looking for just anyone

The photographer is the one who takes the shoot. Cameras, lights, computers, drives… You don’t need to know all this stuff. You must be aware that I will record your beautiful memories by high-end professional equipment and keep the images safe. You cannot repeat the wedding, so we backup photos on 3 different hard drives. Awesome!

"If I don't have red, I use blue"
― Pablo Picasso

Why do you need professional equipment?

“I can shoot the same thing with my iPhone! Most people won’t notice”. Yes, maybe in 80% conditions iPhone is going to be just good for the majority of viewers. A beautiful bright sunny day will look great on both. But you expect the same level of quality, whatever the conditions – bad weather, dark sky, rain, low light. I can’t tell You, that is an 80% chance that this shoot will go well.

Pro cameras also makes printed images stunning quality.

Consistency, reliability, effort, skills, experience and good gear. it's called PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY


I care

"We have always been very pleasantly surprised by the result of our cooperation! Both the engagement session and the wedding day photoshoot have been wonderful. We live in Spain and we boast about our wedding albums that friends can never leave admiration, say they are the best albums they've seen in their lives;) We also recommend for occasional sessions - Christmas came outstanding! Thank you!"
Agnes & Duarte
"A good photographer is judged only by the pictures ... Well, no! Pictures are one thing, but there is another side to the coin. Contact with people, cooperation and emotions. With us, people who avoid the camera by a wide gap, Mariusz have brought out all the emotions and What more we started to like the pictures. ? Thanks to our wedding session, we believed in ourselves because he showed us from a completely different angle. For us, these are not just photos, for us it is something more important for which we thank him very much! "
Bernadette & Aron
"To say about you that you are professional in every inch is nothing more than say nothing ... For your attitude and help that THIS most beautiful day in our life should remain not only a memory, but be eternally alive in the pictures and the wonderful presentation belong many thanks to you! We knew that it would be amazing, but what you did ... exceeded our wildest expectations ??? You made us such a surprise:] We alternately laughed and cried with emotion. It was our first cooperation, but certainly not the last !!!"
Kate & Sebastian
"Aleksandra and I can absolutely recommend Mariusz as professional photographer. The communication before and after our wedding was always on time and with high proficiency! The wedding day itself and our special shooting was a lot of fun and Mariusz produced pictures of very high quality. We experienced that our choice was totally right and would choose Mariusz at anytime again. The products of Mariusz look great and everyone who saw the pictures was stunned about the quality. Thank you again Mariusz!"
Alexandra & Erik
"Mariusz is an ideal photographer - modest, discreet, and yet every important moment is perfectly immortalized in photography. Cooperation with him is pure pleasure. Very inventive, thanks to which all the shots from the wedding are simply delightful. Caring for details is another feature that makes it stand out. All Mariusz's photographs have something magical about them, which is why we chose him as our photographer. My husband and I both state that Mariusz Majewski is the best choice on such a special day as the wedding."
Joanna & Adalbert
"Cooperation with Mariusz was pure pleasure. He showed full professionalism, creativity and the ability to adapt to existing conditions. He had the idea for a report as a coherent whole - history. Beautiful portraits that were created on the wedding day are a timeless souvenir. Mariusz was not only a photographer for us, but also a support. He instructed us how to pose to look good in the photograph - which brought surprisingly great results. We can fully recommend Mariusz as a wedding photographer, because the effects of his work exceeded our expectations."
Anna & Adrian
"We are pleased to recommend Mariusz as a professional wedding photographer. Based on his experience and portfolio, we decided to trust him because he was the only person who registered this event for us. Cooperation with Mariusz is characterized by a pleasant atmosphere, spontaneity, openness, as well as professionalism and continuity of contact before and after the service. As agreed, we received a photojournalism made with the utmost care, but also a surprise - a high quality edited film! We are fully satisfied with the services of this footprint and we would recommend it to anyone with a clear conscience!"
Sandra & Matthias
"Wooow! The best photographer we could have dreamed of! I would highly recommend! Great atmosphere during photos, both Mariusz and Aga can relieve stress related to wedding and wedding - during the photos we felt very at ease;) Photos mega! Very professional, artistic, but at the same time show the emotions that accompanied us and guests during the wedding. Thank you for a great souvenir for life! "
Isabel & Matthew
"We had the opportunity to meet Mariusz during our wedding last year. It's no secret that on such a day the couple is accompanied by even minimal stress and everything that happens is going at a sprinting pace. Nevertheless, with such a good photographer, who is also a very nice man, everything became more pleasant. We were more than satisfied with the photo effect. The choice of the photographer in itself was not accidental because we noticed right away that the photos have professional processing, they are not too artificial, they do not have shoddy improvements and, what is important - they have a soul. Our album is beautiful and friends usually consider it the best they've seen. It is an extraordinary souvenir for us for life and we will be happy to recommend it further. Once again, thank you very much!"
Caroline & Richard
"The best captured moments that are most important to us. A brilliant atmosphere and Mariusz can relax everyone! and a very professional implementation. we highly recommend. A wonderful keepsake for life."
Dorothy & Martin
"Professionalism in every inch! We chose Mariusz without hesitation after seeing the pictures he took for my cousin. Our wedding was quite large, we had wonderful friends next to each other who accompanied us on the way to the altar in the form of bridesmaids and bridesmaids. The photos taken during the wedding ceremony and reception are breathtaking. They are wonderful, great spontaneous shots with the smallest elements that are small and are emphasized. After a break, we went with them to Prague, The best photos I have ever seen are beautiful clear, the man watching them has the impression that he is in this place. Some remind you of a great story like a fairy tale. For me personally and without hesitation I can write: Mariusz is the best photographer I met in a complementary duo with his wife! Photos exceeded my expectations, I knew they would be good, but ... They are brilliant!"
Angelica & Lukas
"A very professional approach, Mariusz made us feel comfortable and calm on the wedding day. Photos and presentation will be a great souvenir. I would recommend!"
Roxana & Bart
"Mariusz is a real professional, he takes beautiful pictures, he does his work with real passion. Everyone is really delighted and I was asked many times who tooked the photographs. With husband we highly recommend Mariusz as a professional wedding photographer. That was the best choice. Thank you very much! "
Wanda & Carlo
"Thank you again for wonderful photos and a amazing souvenir from the wedding! You are masters in your profession. Both we and our friends are delighted with the results of your work. We recommend with all my heart!"
Paulina & Paul
"I definitely recommend it. Mariusz is a professional 100% committed to his work. Photos and cooperation - everything at the highest level. Everyone can have a good camera and take nice photos, but not everyone can capture the moment and give the soul a photo. Thank you for a beautiful souvenir for life!"
Kate & Bart
"The memory of our wedding day is one of the most joyful and heartwarming memories of me, and thanks to the beautiful photos of Mariusz the memory is still so vivid. It's hard to describe how amazing the pictures were also on our guests, from whom I listened to so much delight when we showed them the end result. I highly recommend that you trust Mariusz so that the photos form a collection in the form of a photobook. The refined layout of photos, print quality and album paper creates an incredibly elegant souvenir, which you can boast about, which has nothing to do with the quality of photobooks I have previously associated. Once again, thank you Agnieszka and Mariusz for the great atmosphere during the photos and a great reminder of these exciting moments. "
Anna & Adalbert
"Professionalism in every inch and an amazing effect! The search for the right photographer took a long time, but it was worth searching all of Poland to find what we wanted the most. Thank you for wonderful photos! Mariusz and Agnieszka are a great team, so cooperation with them is a pleasure RECOMMENDED!"
Agnes & Thomas
"Thank you very much! Pictures delight with the way they capture the moment and the beauty that emanates from them. And at the same time cooperation at the highest level. During the wedding and the reception basically invisible, although working at the highest level, and during the session a nice, friendly atmosphere resulting in amazing photos. Big thanks also to Agnieszka, who gives great support and takes care of the smallest detail, so that the Young look best. I heartily recommend Mariusz and Agnieszka! These two are a good team and a guarantee of quality !!!"
Magdalene & Jaroslaw

Wedding Photographer – Mariusz Majewski